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Why a 3d configurator?

Well the short answer is that you can increase sales, reduce returns, present ALL your products, engage customers, improve the shopping experience and ultimately customer satisfaction. An added bonus, if you often writing proposals to potential customers is that sales staff can save time, as much as 20 hours a week (according to current users) compared to using, say SketchUp. That's quite a Return on Investment.

You might think that could impact sales staff, less hours could mean less staff required, but sales people are our biggest fans. The system enables them to create quotations, with illustrations faster, leaving more time to seek out new leads, and sell more. Welcome news if you work on commission. In addition they can send a link via email, so the customer can experience the proposed solution themselves.

The more complex your product, the more you will get out of a 3d configurator or Space Planner.

It is easy to present customers will all the compatible accessories to a product, which not only boosts sales of accessories (documented 30% in some cases), but prevents the customer purchasing, and subsequently returning a non-compatible add-on. That's good for all concerned.

We have built configurators for everything from watches to houses. Judging by our own customer retention, we must be doing something right.

So why not arrange a meeting, or try it for yourself. Head over to and try an actual solution in the wild. This system contains over 1000 products and accessories and has been helping sales since 2009.

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