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Partners & Pre-fabs

We tend to refer to our customers as partners, and with good reason.

The development of trinityjs has always been fuelled by partner feedback.

When a user has an idea for a feature to increase productivity, improve functionality, or generally make life easier or quicker, we're all ears. This benefits everyone. Partners often get these features added for free, if they are not too product specific and we see a perspective for our other partners.

Case in point. We have just introduced pre-fabs. These are constellations of products that can be added with a single click.

Our valued partner, introduced pre-configured collections of wine racks on thier website and wanted an (even) easier way to add them to a design than snapping all the products together.

What a good idea!

We created an interface in the backend specifically to create pre-fabs and catalog them just as any other product. Within the Space Planner they can also be split into their component products for further customisation. Check out the demo videos below.

While created for wine racks, the possibilites are endless. For example a table with matching chairs would be another obvious candidate, or a desk, chair, lamp and computer? Really any group of items that you want to treat like a single item, always with the possibility to split it into it's components.

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