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Introducing Multi-merchant Account

The Multi-merchant account is for manufacturers and Wholesalers, to give their partners the best sales tools possible, and to make their products stand out from the crowd on portals that sell from more than one supplier.

All the 3D assets, Configurators and Room Planners are maintained in one place, but are available across a network of webshops. This makes a lot of sense, as it is the manufacturer or main supplier that first has access to the 3D data, and can have it ready for the release of new products.

This also applies to webshops with a Drop-shipping agreement, that is to say that orders taken on the website are fulfilled by the supplier. This model has become increasingly popular over the last decade. For the webshop owner, it means they are no longer required to stock all items before they are sold. For the supplier, it means reaching new potential customers, while passing on the promotional work to the partner wishing to sell their products.

When an end customer visits the website, all the suppliers products are shown with a button to view in Augmented Reality, and where applicable to Configure the product before purchase. The Room Planner can also be integrated into the partners website.

When a customer purchases, the products are added to the respective cart, and can also generate a drop-shipping order, sent to the supplier.

We have already successfully integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, as well as custom shopping solutions.

Having such sales tools, that can be offered to potential sales partners, also make the whole product package attractive to new potential sales agents.

For example, if you are the manufacturer or wholesaler of kitchen units, you can aid your sales agents by providing an online 3D tool for designing kitchens with your products.

The sales partner receive their own login to the TrinityJS server, where they can decide which products they wish to stock. This encourages them to supply the entire range, as this gives the best experience for the end user.

There is only one Server installation to be maintained (€4995 per annum), plus a moderate fee per partner site that utilises the system ( €99 per month )

Multi language support comes as standard on all solutions, naturally...

Contact us today for more details!

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