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Powerful, Flexible,

The 3D Client/Server solution for

ALL your 3D wed applications

What is it?

Trinityjs is a development platform for quickly and easily building online 3D applications, typically Product Configurators and Room Planners.


The platform builds on the threejs engine, while adding a fully fledged 3D Content Management System, and component based frontend framework. The server is based on nodejs, as adopted by Netflix, Paypal and 100's of other large companies, to service hundreds of thousands of users simultaneously.


The software is available as SaaS (Software as a Service). A single annual or monthly fee covers license, hosting and all future updates. 


The trinityjs backend enables the administrator to add and manage models, accessory groups, materials, and much more.

Why would I choose it?

If you are in the market for a 3D Product Configurator, Room Planner or other 3D solution, you have probably experienced that there are two types available. On one hand, there are low-cost standard solutions that may work for some basic products but quickly reveal their limitations. These solutions are perfect for a small range of simple products, with few customisation options. On the other hand, custom solutions are powerful but require significant time and financial investments, making them inaccessible for many.

Trinityjs is here to bridge that gap, making custom solutions much more affordable. The platform has been developed over many years and 100's of diverse 3D projects, so we are confident that is can be configured to suit your exact requirements, no matter how unique your project or product may be.

We have extensive experience in integrating trinityjs solutions into e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop as well as custom shopping platforms.

How do we start?

Write to us using the form below with a brief description of your project, and we will gladly prepare a project proposal, together with an estimated budget with no obligation on your part. 

Thank you. we will be in touch...

Show, don't tell

Show, don't tell

Show, don't tell
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Spatial Awareness plugin for Trinityjs 3.2 and above

Spatial Awareness plugin for Trinityjs 3.2 and above

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VR direct from the trinityjs Editor

VR direct from the trinityjs Editor

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AR modes trinityjs - iPad

AR modes trinityjs - iPad

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Dynamic Glass Partitions - Devine Publishing

Dynamic Glass Partitions - Devine Publishing

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The only constant is change

When we began making 3D configurators in 2008, the technology platform was VRML. Since then the platform has been continually re-developed first in X3D, then Flash3D, until finally there came standards for 3D on the web, WebGL, WebXR and soon WebGPU.

Some of our customers have been along for the entire journey, and appreciated the painless transitions from technology to technology, (reusing their 3D assets) as devices become ever more powerful, bandwidth becomes less of a bottleneck and completely new things become possible, the most recent being AR and VR.

We strive to keep up with all the latest developments.


Trinityjs is the result of over 100 diverse 3D projects, from football jersey designers  to house configurators.   

Join us on our journey :)


Ready to get started?

Try it!

Here's a standard version of Trinity for testing purposes.

user name:
password: trinityjs123

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