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Welcome to trinityjs

The nodejs server for all your
3D applications

Don’t fight the system, change it

Ever felt locked into a framework that won't let you do things quite the way you want to? Trinityjs is a server/client, written entirely in JavaScript, to be as simple, flexible and as expandable as possible. It includes the things you will need in EVERY project, without dictating how YOUR project will look or function.


It is comprised of three elements.

Server, client and assets.


A server, written in nodejs, to store, preview and catalog models, materials and layouts, making them easy to search and retrieve.


A demo client written with threejs is included, that serves up your assets as a 3D Product Configurator and Room Planner.


A set of assets to get started with. These include rooms, windows, doors, stairs, flooring, etc.


Each element is a javascript Class that can be expanded ad infinitum to suit your needs, be you a backend developer, front end developer or 3d artist.